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Provide a production experience that will exceed your expectations.

Wolfgang Lloyd Media was formed after the need for an adapting way to producing original creative content to adapting times. Founder Wolfgang Lloyd has extensive professional experience in production for business' in and around Los Angeles, CA. Our team has experience working with global companies as well as local startups. 


We have successfully produced and directed music videos, feature films, short films, and commercial projects in over 10 years. We want to help grow your band. Whether that is customers for a product or service, influencing viewers through great storytelling, inter-office communication, or capturing a special event. WLM wants to partner with you for your success. 


We can help you navigate the entire production process, from creative direction and script development, to actor casting, location scouting, and set design, all the way to editing, animation, color grading, and sound design.  

Wolfgang Lloyd Media is consistently in the conversation for the best video production company in Los Angeles due to our creativity, professionalism, taste, honesty, and reliability.  We are comfortable using the latest cutting edge technology, but we also rely on tried and true cinematic techniques.

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